Our market research offerings

(Nearly) everything is possible with us, and if not, we would tell you this BEFOREHAND.
We are not the best sales people, we don’t want to promise you the moon, if there is no direct public transport connection there yet ...
There are no difficult questions, only poor techniques.


We think there are no good or bad techniques, only techniques that are better suited to answer your research questions than others.


We like to conduct qualitative studies, if we need to generate new knowledge about a certain topic together with our clients. Nevertheless we also like to use quantitative designs to reach more people.


Also, we cherish every new technique which complements an existing one, e.g. online brainwriting, real-time dashboards in combination with online surveys, scenic-dramas & positionings.

We show you new perspectives based on data, without wanting to explain to you how the world works.
You are the expert in your field; we are the experts in suitable techniques, designs & implementation.
Please tell us about your industry, your experiences as well as your expectations of the market research; we are happy to learn from you.
We contribute a lot of consumer psychology knowledge, besides our know-how about techniques, and then the project can start …
… for the sake of good order …


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