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We are guided by science and grounded by practice.


Science is the guiding principle for our thinking. However, only up to the point where it is appropriate and applicable to the practice.


Some of our clients love science the same as we do; others do not like to be bothered with it. We are fine with both and you can rest assured that everything we do makes sense ...

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We have no off-the-shelf projects – each and every project is unique & individually customised.


We are the experts in complex settings as well as all-rounders, when quick solutions are needed. Even in the smallest projects, we strive for the cherry on the top which could create extra value for you.


International customer satisfaction surveys, motivational analyses, brainwriting or real-time dashboards of employee satisfaction, … we are looking forward to helping you!

Marktforschungs-Projekte wissma
We deal with your small and large requests.


May we present you some of our projects in more detail?


Our farthest away focus group was in New Jersey, our most demanding analysis was a PLS to gain insights on cultural influences in an international customer satisfaction study, our largest online survey comprised 100,000 participants, our shortest study was a one-hour long consultation …

"Do good things and talk about it..."

A well-known german proverb - unfortunately the first part is often forgotten, we want to prevent that. That is why we regularly think about which social and ecological accents we can set.

In addition to our own responsibility in the company, we would also like to equip our "product" - our online surveys - with a sustainability-gadget: In consultation with our clients, we integrate a question on issues of ecological or social sustainability. Wissma bears the costs!


We are a small team with Austrian charm.


We are quite diverse, after all we are 2 men to 3 women and have among us all psychologists also a sociologist, i.e. we are good at multitasking, can park very well, are ambitious and competent, have a lot of emotional intelligence, can read minds and understand society ...


… just get in touch with us and get to know us in person ;-) …

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