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Founder & Owner

"Students once asked me at what point did I know  I wanted to become an entrepreneur, since my CV is directed so consistently towards it. The truth? Never, I just always made single decisions towards what I find fun and what challenges me.

I’ve always been curious, curious about scientific studies & results and also curious about the playground of psychology in the economic world. wissma was the logical consequence of this curiousity…"


Mag. Dr. Katja Meier-Pesti: Doctor of Psychology, Economic Psychologist, Trainer, Lecturer at the University of Vienna, Mother of wissma & Lenny, Researcher & Practice Lover, Creative and Analyst.



Mag. Dr. Katja Meier-Pesti mit Luna
Christian Müller, Bsc.
Project manager


"Following an interesting and learning internship at wissma, I had the chance to dive deep into market research on a part-time and finally full-time basis. Not only the team here makes it easy to do this, but also the small and big joys of market research: Starting with interesting requests from clients from various industries, the excitement of a first look at the collected data and the satisfied clients after the completion of a project."


Christian Müller, Msc.: Economic Psychologist, from inquisitive intern to a wissma team member.


Project manager


"Market research isn’t just juggling with numbers. In market research, the name of game is: listen carefully, look closely, understand, scrutinize or inquire and try to stay objective. Market research means in particular understanding the topics and concerns of our clients. This added value attracted me to wissma. So that in the end not only are numbers the result, but real statements the client can work with."

Mag. Barbara Katacic: Economic Psychologist, often finds new ways & solutions in the known.


Mag. Barbara Katacic
2 Hände schützen Herz aus Blumen
Our social conscience is active & pounds.
We often support smaller or bigger projects, sponsor e.g. an anti-drugs brochure from the police, building blocks for the construction of a school sports centre in Vienna, Caritas or Doctors without Borders.
Wissenschaft, Marktforschung, Consulting - wissma
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