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Rating of a website

Our client asked us to survey the satisfaction of users with his website and their rating of it. The website is part of an initiative for sustainability which contains topics like tips for a more sustainable lifestyle, recipes, raffles and events.

We found a high satisfaction rating and were able to gain insights on what certain groups like and dislike about the website. Using the insights we gained, we were able to offer our client strategical input on further development. We and our client were both glad to find that users are highly committed to our client’s website which means that users are visiting it on a regular and frequent basis. Not a lot of websites can say that of itself!

The insights were interesting against the background of the corona crisis, as the topic of sustainability has gained importance for a lot of people. The participants stated that during the crisis they had primarily changed their approach to food. Us at wissma are happy about these positive developments during the crisis and are pleased to see that sustainability is gaining popularity.


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