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The winner of the Versicherungs Award Austria 2020

The results of the Versicherungs Award Austria 2020 in the fields of disability, health, life (risk), unit-linked life insurance, accident, household/home, legal expenses are fixed!

505 insurance brokers followed our call to participate. At the beginning we were not sure whether we could reach the insurance brokers in Austria by ourselves, but were overwhelmed by the trust placed in us. The Versicherungs Award Austria is sustainable in its results and implementation. As researchers, we are strongly interested to see how the winners of the awards change over the years. What is striking is that the changes can be derived from the results of previous years; a strength of our sophisticated and sustainable methodology! Sustainability in implementation is also important to us. We chose wood for the trophies and certificates, the report is offered primarily as electronic version, and the survey participants were able to donate their incentive for afforestation of the rainforest. We will transfer a full € 800 to Jane Goodall’s project; Many thanks to the green heart of Austria's insurance brokers!

Sooo, got curious who won? Then have a look at:

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