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Dream holiday as PR

Our client is a sales organisation for the support of tourism businesses. For the purpose of its own PR and to analyse holiday motives, our client was interested in an online survey about current vacation behaviour and the characteristics of dream holidays.

We surveyed roughly 500 people online and found out that with actual holidays it is often the interests of a loved one which come into play, however when it comes to dream holidays, its one’s own needs and wishes. We also found out that the dream holiday is rarely determined by its location (it is not necessarily palm trees or the sea) but rather by the emotions which a traveller would like to experience.

Although there was time pressure, this project was fun for us and the findings inspired our dreams. The press has taken up the results of the study as well – the dream holiday was the envied alternative to the dismal winter weather.

Wissenschaft, Marktforschung, Consulting - wissma
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