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International Customer Satisfaction

Our client is at home at e-commerce. Once a year its clients from different countries are invited to take an online survey, the questionnaire is currently translated into 8 different languages. Topics are customer satisfaction, image, lifestyle and in-depth sociodemography. Since the questionnaire is very long (about 40 minutes), it is split into two parts and the clients are randomly assigned to one of the short versions.

Simultaneously, external clients in the individual countries are interviewed via online panels, in order to analyse the field of competitors. All results are succinctly shown in one report. Additionally the temporal comparison to the previous year is shown.

The project is international, connecting results from several target groups, it is challenging & comprehensive. Every year we grow a few more grey hairs, but then again we are proud of the new graphic illustrations and optimisations.

Wissenschaft, Marktforschung, Consulting - wissma
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