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To survive as a brand in online gambling

How to position oneself as a brand in the online gambling business?

Diverse service providers are fighting for shares in the online market. Our client is eager to further pursue the challenge of sustainably standing out as well as expanding its target group as service provider in this market.

Therefore, in the course of a focus group, we invite customers of different online gambling providers to tell us about criteria for a special gambling experience and what they expect from their favourite online gambling provider. Here, the recruitment of the participants is particularly challenging, which is why we rely on a combination of online ads (Facebook) and online panel invitations.

Based on those findings, we developed psychological models to depict those needs and motives which must be satisfied by the online gambling provider and how a brand must position itself. Specifically, the question about the ideal provider supplies indices for the online presentation and future trends.


Wissenschaft, Marktforschung, Consulting - wissma
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