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Searching for insurance offspring...

One of our most loyal customers, a globaly acting insurance firm, asked us to examine most carefully why there are this few people, especially women, who are attracted by the job as an insurance agent.

A three-step process was designed, where we first asked „fresh“ insurance advisors in qualitative in-depth-interviews about there experiences. These results were used for the next step: a quantitative survey with insurance advisors of different hierarchical steps, who work in the job already for a longer period. To conclude our findings, in an additional quantitative survey we asked people from different working areas about pros and cons of becoming an insurance agent.

We are especially happy that the results lead to a significant change in the recruiting process so that right from the beginning the right people for the right job are found. Therefore, the hard search for applicants or jobs will get shorter. Once again it becomes apparent that the combination of qualitative and quantitative research pays!

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