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Versicherungs Award Austria 2020

The Assekuranz Award Austria has existed since 2005, this year it will be conducted under the new name VERSICHERUNGS AWARD AUSTRIA 2020. In German „Versicherung“ is a more common term for insurance than „Assekuranz“.

Once a year we survey the satisfaction of insurance brokers, who represent one important and highly expertised link between insurance companies and customers.

As in the last years there will be an awarding of the best insurance companies in each of this year’s insurance products – disability, health, life (risk), unit-linked life insurance, accident, household/home, legal expenses.

Wissma as an independent market research institute does not have any benefits of the awarding. Our methodology is based on scientific evaluation methods, which leads to valuable and significant feedback tools.

You are going to find all of these information and more on our new designed website at Have a look…

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